H.E. Mrs. Claudia Fritsche
Permanent Representative of the Principality of Liechtenstein
May 8, 1997

“Maintaining Identity in a Changing Europe”
Liechtenstein, a small, hightly-developed country in Europe, must work to maintain its traditions while engaging with the fast pace of the modern world.

H.E. Mr. Dr. Machivenyika T. Mapuranga
Permanent Representative of the Republic of Zimbabwe
May 22, 1997

“Zimbabwe’s Challenges and Changing Values on the Eve of the 21st Century”
A fascinating view of the transition of values in Zimbabwe from a tribal culture to colonial times to the modern republic.


H.E. Ms. Zamira B. Eshmambetova
Permanent Representative of the Kyrgyz Republic
June 5, 1997

“Challenges for Values in Countries in Transition”
The situation in the Kyrgyz republic, with a special emphasis on the sustainable development of a mountainous country.

H.E. Mr. Dr. Nabil A. Elaraby
Permanent Representative of the Arab Republic of Egypt
October 9, 1997

“Values in Egyptian Foreign Policy”
Egypt’s role in the Middle East peace process, seeking a lasting peace through the rule of law.

H.E. Sr. Ricardo G. Castaneda-Cornego
Permanent Representative of El Salvador
October 23, 1997

“El Salvador After the Peace Agreement”
The history of the struggle in El Salvador, where the yearning for reconciliation and unity inspired a process of building peace.

H.E. M. Pierre Le Long
Permanent Representative of Haiti
November 6, 1997

“Haiti: A Republic Past and Present”
The courage of a slave population that arose to become a republic on this island in search of a national identity.

H.E. Mr. Micheal John Powles
Permanent Representative of New Zealand
November 20, 1997

“Values and Realpolitik: A Small State’s Experience”
A unique perspective on indigenous reparations, state terrorism, and other issues of the modern world.