H.E. Mr. Eugeniusz Wyzner
Permanent Representative of Poland
January 14, 1999 

“Poland: Difficult Past, Promising Future”
The proud transition from aid recipient to donor country through a strong commitment to freedom and reform.

H.E. Mr. Volkan Vural
Permanent Representative of Turkey
February 25, 1999

“Turkey’s Unique Blend of Values: East Meets West”
As a bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey strives to serve as a role model for the compatibility of democracy and modernization with traditional values.

H.E. Mr. Anwarul Karim Chowdhury
Permanent Representative of Bangladesh
March 18, 1999

“Building a Culture of Peace”
The Culture of Peace is a set of values and principles which empower people worldwide and promote tolerance, dialogue, understanding and solidarity.

H.E. Sr. Roberto Jordan-Pando
Permanent Representative of the Republic of Bolivia
March 25, 1999

“Bolivia: Financing Sustainable Human Development”
The challenge of overcoming poverty through the creation of an ecomony of solidarity through the wise use of social capital.

H.E. Sr. Gert Rosenthal
Permanent Representative of Guatemala
April 8, 1999

“The Guatemalan Peace Process and the Inernational Financial Systems from Southern Perspective”
The advance from civil war to leadership in human rights and reconciliation, with insights into financing for development.

H.E. Sr. Bruno Rodrigues Parrilla
Permanent Representative of Cuba
June 10, 1999

“Cuban-American Relations”
High levels of education, health care and culture do not dispel political opposition from a powerful neighbour.

H.E. Prof. Mr. Elfatih Mohamed Ahmed Erwa
Permanent Representative of Sudan
October 14, 1999

“Sudan: Perception and Reality”
Tribal conflicts continue to be fueled by political and economic problems between regions in Africa’s largest nation.