September 1998 to September 1999

DPI/NGO briefing:

December 17, 1998“Universal Ethics Project” with Dr. Yersu Kim of UNESCO, Rev. Dr. Chung Oke Lee and Dr. Geor Kell of the UN Secretariat.

Events sponsored:

March 23, 1999“The Global Transformation of Business and Society”. Presented by Richard Barrett, former Values Coordinator at the World Bank.

December 17, 1998“Prospects for a Universal Ethic” with Dr. Yersu Kim

Events co-sponsored:

November 5, 1998“A Multi-religious Prayer Service – for the Annual Day for Freedom of Religion or Belief” with the NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief, Committee of Religious NGOs a the UN, NGO Committee on Human Rights.


NGO Code of Ethics – ongoing project and discussion group

Disarmament Declaration

Coffee series:

H.E. Sr. Bruno Rodriguez Parrillo, Cuba
6/10/99 “Cuban-American Relations”

H.E. Sr. Gert Rosenthal, Guatemala
4/8/99 “The Guatemalan Peace Process and the International Financial Systems from a Southern Perspective”

H.E. Sr. Roberto Jordán-Pando, Bolivia
3/25/99 “Bolivia: Financing Sustainable Human Development”

H.E. Mr. Anwarul Karim Chowdhury, People’s Republic of Bangladesh
3/18/99 “Building A Culture of Peace”

H.E. Mr. Vulkan Vural, Turkey
2/25/99 “Turkey’s Unique Blend of Values: East Meets West”

H.E. Mr. Eugeniusz Wyzner, Republic of Poland
1/14/99 “Poland: Difficult Past, Promising Future”

H.E. Prof. M.M. Mulumba Semakula Kiwanuka, Republic of Uganda
10/29/98 “Building a Culture of Shared Values”